Viagens de Aventura

Expedições exóticas e únicas, mas com segurança e conforto. 

Com a Red Wolf Experience criamos roteiros surpreendentes para um grupo exclusivo de pessoas.  
Já imaginou cruzar a costa de um país remando por 7 dias. Descobrindo cidades medievais, praias paradisíacas, refúgios incríveis. Ou cruzar um lago congelado de 100km arrastastando trenós? E quem sabe atravessar a Islândia toda em carros 4x4 em pleno inverno com a grande chance de ver a Aurora Boreal?  Ou melhor, acampar por 5 dias em meio as paisagens lindas e selvagens da Patagônia?

Aqui na Red Wolf isso tudo é possível, afinal você será guiado por quem realmente entende do assunto. Diogo Guerreiro, dois recordes mundiais em expedições extremas e referência internacional em aventuras diversas, estará com você em nossas expedições.


Diogo Guerreiro

Professional Explorer

Diogo made his life a big challenge. He has set world records to this day and has established himself as one of the greatest adventurers of his generation.

Diogo is a host of Canal Off and director of Deep Blue Films and a founding partner of Sibon Charters (a company that operates charter boats in Indonesia).

Among his achievements are:

  • Chuí to the Windsurfing Oiapoque;

  • Noronha - Windsurfing Christmas;

  • Sailing Around the World;

  • Crossed the Magellan Strait by Windsurfing;

  • Crossed Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan from Kitesurf;

  • Crossed 160km of SUP between Indonesian islands;

  • He crossed Greenland on foot.

Thais Martan


Born in São Paulo, she holds a degree in Business Administration from ESPM, an MBA in Business Management from one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, Fundação Dom Cabral, an extension course in Finance at Instituto Insper and a leadership specialization from Stanford University. .
Her professional career has always been marked by transiting in large companies and multinationals. She has accumulated experience in marketing, purchasing, logistics and finance.
She lived the crazy pace of São Paulo: Traffic, work, work, traffic.
One day she decided to stop and rethink her life. While feeling professionally fulfilled, she was not happy.
The first step was to discover what really makes you happy: physical activity and life in contact with nature!
Earlier than he thought, Thais was moving to Garopaba, a small seaside town of Santa Catarina! There he took over the finance department of one of the largest free sports companies in the world, Mormaii!
She then decided to team up with Diogo Guerreiro at the opening of Red Wolf because she believes that, like her, there are many more people seeking unique experiences that involve physical, mental and spiritual overcoming.

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