Unique challenges.

Unforgettable journeys.

Get ready for the most amazing experience of your life!

Exotic and unique expeditions, but with safety and comfort.
With Red Wolf Experience we create amazing scripts for an exclusive group of people.
Have you ever imagined crossing the coast of a country paddling for 7 days. Discovering medieval cities, paradisiacal beaches, incredible refuges. Or cross a 100km frozen lake dragging sleds? And who knows to cross all Iceland in 4x4 cars in the winter with the great chance to see the Aurora Borealis? Or rather, camping for 5 days amidst the beautiful, wild landscapes of Patagonia?
Here at Red Wolf this is all possible, after all you will be guided by those who really understand the subject. Diogo Guerreiro, two world records in extreme expeditions and international reference in various adventures, will be with you on our expeditions.


About us

On the one hand the professional adventurer and TV presenter, Diogo Guerreiro. On the other, the successful executive with a vast academic and corporate background, Thais Martan.
Together they brought their different experiences together to create something completely unique: to enable more people to live a real expedition.

Our Expeditions

Paddling a river in the wild Patagonia, cruising Montenegro or going hunting for the northern lights in Iceland. If you want to try something really unique, we have an expedition for you.


Paddle Montegro

Have you ever imagined crossing the coast of a country paddling for 7 days? Discovering medieval cities, paradisiacal beaches, incredible refuges. This Red Wolf Experience takes place in one of Europe's most amazing countries: Montenegro. Bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, its coast conceals fabulous locations.
For 7 days you will paddle the 110 km of coastline, crossing the Croatian border and sailing to the far south of the country.

aurora borealis_edited.jpg

Réveillon in Iceland

Hunt the Northern Lights

Iceland, listed as the most beautiful country in the world, is the chosen location for our 2019/2020 New Year's Eve expedition.
In this adventure, we will brave Iceland from North to South in 4x4 cars! More than 1,000km will be covered for 9 days!
Our goal in this expedition is to contemplate the most contrasting, beautiful place in the world!
For those who dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis is during winter that we have the best chance and come across its vibrant colors in the sky!


Kayak in Patagonia

In this adventure, we will row in kayaks along the Alumine River for 5 days. Its calm, crystal clear waters and light currents will make our crossing peaceful. What counts now is listening to the sound of water and contemplating nature.
Even if you have no experience in this type of adventure, don't worry, Red Wolf offers all the equipment and support you need to safely complete this journey.


Wild Kite Trip

A kite trip like you have never seen. You take your board and your kite and get your horse. That's right. Your horse. For 3 hours you will climb a part of the mountain range and descend into one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. There you sail to a completely secluded cabin and for the next 4 days you will be there in a true paradise. You will learn to do an Argentine parrilla, have a speedboat at your disposal to reach and clear other areas of the lake. Sailing, contemplation and adventure.