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Paddle Montengro

Have you ever imagined crossing the coast of a country paddling for 7 days? Discovering medieval cities, paradisiacal beaches, incredible refuges. This Red Wolf Experience takes place in one of Europe's most amazing countries: Montenegro. Bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, its coast conceals fabulous locations.
For 7 days you will paddle the 110 km of coastline, crossing the Croatian border and sailing to the far south of the country.

Montenegro Expedition

For 6 days you will paddle more than 100 km between bays and the coast of Montenegro. You will travel through 6 cities, starting from the UNESCO World Heritage listed walled city of Kotor. The region is famous for its unique Mediterranean fjords. As you row, you will see the imposing wall that surrounds the entire city, known as Balluarte, built by the Republic of Venice. Amazing place to start our journey! We will pass through the glamorous Tivat, the historic city of Budva, among other refuges sheltered by the winding and fascinating coast of Montenegro. All of this driven by their own kayak strokes. Every day we will row in shifts defined by weather and wind conditions, advancing steadily, one row at a time.
We will have 1 strategic stop halfway to rest and mostly enjoy and get to know the best of Montenegro.
Discovering the charms of a country across the sea is a privilege, so paddling is a unique experience for those who dare to push their boundaries.
A journey of self-discovery, self-discovery, connection with nature that will simply be unforgettable. Groups of up to 8 people per expedition, with an onshore and offshore support team.


2021 Calendar

Group 1

Sep 1st to Sep 8th of 2021

8 spots available

Group 2

Sep11th to Sep 18th of 2021

8 spots available

Group 3

Sep 21st to Sep 28th of 2021

8 spots available

Montenegro a remo: List

Schedule and Itnerary

This Expedition has been carefully planned so that during the rowing everyone can experience the best that Montenegro has to offer. In each city, a history and different landscapes, which show the contrasts of this beautiful country.

Image by Alexandr Bormotin

Day 1


Get ready! The next 6 days will be unforgettable in your life!

Upon arrival in Montenegro, we will offer shuttle service from Tivat airport to the hotel in Kotor.

Kotor Bay is considered one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world and the city has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Your check in will be at 15hs and we advise arriving early in Kotor to know this beautiful city.

On this day you can visit the main sights of the city or simply stop at a bank in front of the bay and contemplate the nature.


Things to do in Kotor:


  • Walk and see the alleys of Old Town

  • Walk the walls to Fort St John´s

  • Explore the numerous historical churches (St. Tryphon Catholic Cathedral, St. Nicholas)

Day 2

Kotor - Tivat

Soon after a delicious breakfast, you will be directed to start your expedition.

The kayaks await you in the water, but first you will have to prepare your backpack with the necessary supplies for this crossing, after all, on that first day of expedition, it will be about 15km paddling from Kotor to Tivat.

The journey begins at Kotor Bay, with an incredible look of its great fjords.

The lunch break will be on a deserted beach. From there everyone goes on rowing towards the glamorous Tivat.

In this route we clearly see the contrast we will encounter on this journey, as we leave the past in Kotor and arrive at a modern city that is Tivat. The draw of the city is its big millionaire Marina, Porto Montenegro, full of great yachts.

Arriving in Tivat, the ground staff will greet you and direct you to the hotel.

Upon arrival at the Hotel, you will enjoy and experience the best of Tivat.


Things to do in Tivat:


  • Visit Porto Montenegro and see the beautiful yachts found there

  • Visit the Buća-Luković Museum

  • Visit the Maritime Heritage Collection museum


Day 3


The expedition continues! Today we said goodbye to Tivat and left for Herceg Novi.
It will be about 10km of paddle, stopping at another haven for lunch.
Arriving in Herceg Novi at the hand-picked hotel will bring you memories of Kotor, thanks to its medieval buildings and its charming little town.
At the end of the day, you can enjoy the best of the local cuisine with a magnificent view of the bay ..

Day 4 and 5


After a pleasant evening in a charming hotel, we continue our journey.
The paddle begins towards the Adriatic Sea. On your right is the southern tip of Croatia and on the left the whole coast of Montenegro.
This will be one of the longest days of paddling.
Halfway we will pass caves, natural caves and their turquoise water.
We then arrived at the exquisite Lustica Bay.
Great mountains, fresh air, crystal clear waters accompany us on another day of paddling and self-knowledge.
Arriving at The Chedi Lustica Bay, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, you will be directed to your room.
We will spend 2 nights at The Chedi. Enjoy to recharge the energies!
We advise you to walk around the town built on this bay and have dinner in one of the hotel's restaurants.


Day 6


Today will be one of the most challenging days of our expedition. We entered the Adriatic Sea. On the other side is Italy, we are in the open sea and the mission is to row almost 25km to Budva.

It will not be easy, but we will not give up, after all, we have come this far!

During the crossing, we will pass several cities, such as Glavaticici, Zagora and Krimovica. Depending on the wind and sea situation, we will choose the best place for our lunch.

Our final destination is the historic city of Budva. From the sea, we will have the privilege of seeing the great walls that surround the city. Budva mixes old and new and is now considered the tourist capital of Montenegro.


Things to do in Budva:


  • Visit Stari Grad (Old Town)

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Budva

  • Spending the afternoon at a Beach Club

  • Go to Merit Casino Avala

Day 7


We arrived on our last day of resumption! Over 85km paddled here! And now it's time to continue our expedition to the last city, Petrovac. It will be another 15km to this beautiful city.

Leaving Budva, we will go around the famous Stevi Stefan Island and its great walls over 600 years old. On this island was built a luxury hotel chain Aman.

Passing the island, we will see several paradisiacal beaches and their crystal clear waters. A quick stop for lunch on one of these beaches and continue the expedition.

We have arrived in Petrovac and now is the time to rest.


Things to do in Petrovac


  • Visit Fort Kastio

  • If you still have breath, you can row to Katič Island

  • Visit the Roman Mosaics


The route

Aprox. 100km in 7 days.


What to bring

  • Light, long-sleeved UV or dry fit clothing to protect from the sun

  • Neoprene Sneakers

  • Gym glove for more hand comfort

  • Comfortable slippers and end-of-day clothe

  • Pair of sneakers for city walking

  • Sunscreen, repellent, mouth guard.

  • Personal use items

  • Cap / hat.

  • Passport with more than 6 months of validity for your boarding.

How to get there

The city where we will start our expedition is KOTOR. If you are leaving Brazil especially for this trip, we advise you to buy the ticket with arrival scheduled for 1 day before the expedition starts.


We have a few options to get to Kotor:


TIVAT Airport (Montenegro)

Red Wolf offers transfers to the hotel for those arriving at this airport.

To get to Tivat usually the flight has 2 stops and the option we suggest is from Air France.

This airport is 20 minutes from Kotor.


Pogdorica Airport (Montenegro)

Pogdorica Airport is about a 2-hour drive from Kotor.

For those who choose to get off at Pogdorica, we advise renting a car at the airport to go to Kotor. The journey is tranquil combelas landscapes.


Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia)

Dubrovnik Croatia Airport has many flight options and is also within easy reach of Kotor.

We recommend renting a car daily to get to Kotor.

On the way you will see a toll where immigration works and will pass through it to change countries. You can find a little traffic on this route, but the road is very good and it's a quiet trip.

Travel time from Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Kotor (Montenegro) is approximately 2 hours.



2.590 EUROS per person



  • 7 nights accommodation in one of the best hotels in each city;

  • Breakfast at the hotel;

  • Lunch, water and isotonic during the row

  • Equipment: expedition kayaks, paddle, waterproof backpack, satellite communicator;

  • Ground vehicle support;

  • Film and photography team;

  • Professional Guide Diogo Guerreiro;

  • Tivat airport transfer.

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